Walk, Challenge and Win.

Walking Challenges to keep your workforce healthy & happy.

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What If You Can Lose Calories And Win Twice As Many Benefits !!

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Enjoy The Challenges

With our new walking challenge app, we have created a place for you, your family, And friends to enjoy the latest in gamification, where every move counts.

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10,000 Steps Per Day

With walking challenge you will be motivated to gain the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

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Healthier Lifestyle

You will enjoy challenging others to burn those extra calories. In the long run, you will be enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Not only that imagine being able to convert steps into coins and use them in our marketplace to buy from our online store.

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The More You Walk The More You Collect

The App Is Designed To Motivate You. The More Effort You Put In Walking Those Steps The More Benefits You Would Gain. We Have Introduced The Different Levels With Different Rewards.

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Accurate activity tracking, 24/7 from your pocket. Walking challenge is so easy to use, anyone can start!



Track your walks, runs and rides. Get personalized fitness plans & guided video workouts.



Join a community of people just like you. Take part in varied, fun challenges.


You vs the global walking community

Once you start gaining levels, You will be able to compare your fitness performance vs other walking community members on a local or global level. The more you score the better you will rank the more exposure and followers you will get rewarding and you will have fun.


You will be able to monitor your performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly. You will monitor the steps you have walked, the fitness levels you have achieved, the coins you have earned or collected, your wins, your losses and more

Have Access To Trending Challenges, Participate And
Challenge Others “VS” , And Access Historic Challenges Data Via The Challenge Interface

You will be able to select an online opponent, send/receive a challenge request, agree on prize value, a challenge duration and compete on the spot.

The app will allow you to compare your performance during the challenge competition vs your opponent, see who is winning, see how many fans (followers) are cheering for you or him, and watch a life broadcast for the event from both sides
See how you stack up against other users by checking out the leaderboard. You can track your progress and see who's in the lead.

List of events and how to participate in the event. Our app hosts regular events where you can compete with other users and earn rewards. You can see a list of upcoming events in the app, and sign up to participate.

Enjoy a selection of online products, add to your favorite wish list, or order it and have it delivered to your door

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Exercise &

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& Engagement.

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Community& Connection.

Achieve Goals & Set Records

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Walking Challenge Is A Lifestyle App Designed And Operated By The Walking Challenge For Entertainment LLC.

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Copyright © 2023 walking challenge